Trending Crimes (Snatch) Episode 1


In the bustling capital of Accra; leading the cases against daytime crime, Detective Kojo and his team have a rude awakening when his beloved wife becomes the latest victim in a snatch-and-grab crime. With no leads or traces, armed only with his team and years of experience…will it be enough to bring the gang to justice or will they forever hide in the shadows of Accra?

Trending Crimes (Black Currency) Episode 2

Kojo and his team go undercover when his sister is scammed out of her children’s educational future in a ‘Black money’ heist to trick people out of their hard earned cash….What’s the secret behind the money and the dubious cleaning ‘solution’ Where did the money come from and will Kojo be able to get the money back or has it already fallen into the blackhole?

Trending Crimes (Mystery Transaction) Episode 3

Ghanaian governmental efforts to control money laundering hits a snag as thirty-two million US dollars go missing from state coffers under Chairman Johnson’s watch during his campaign to become Governor. The State Attorney commissions Kojo, the head of a Private Investigation firm and his team to solve the mystery. Armed with just their skills and wits…will it be enough to uncover the truth or is it already too late to salvage the situation as the investigation stretches beyond it’s shores to London?

Trending Crimes (Bloody London – Mind the gap) episode 4

Gun and knife crimes are on the rise in the familiar streets of London and Kojo, a respectable Detective is tasked by MI5 to help stop the bloody serial-stabbing spree. Armed with his intelligence and sharp instincts, is he able to solve the trending crime without getting hurt?